Where is my laptop made? SourceMap.org shows you where things are really produced

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Sourcemap is a website that allows you to understand how the global marketplace works. In fact, you are able to select different products and, for each one, you can see what is made of and where its components come from. By adding up the impact and location of all the parts, the website can also estimate the carbon footprint of each phase of the life cycle of an object.
SourceMap's intended to demonstrate how important supply chains are, and what the consequences of each part of the chain work out to be. It's set up like a social network, so that anyone from producers to end-users can take part.
For example, the following map shows you where your laptop is really made:

You can take a look at this video if you want to learn more about SourceMap:

Getting Started with Open Supply Chains from Matthew Hockenberry on Vimeo

SourceMap has been designed by the MIT Media Lab.



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