Thesis: Entrepreneurial Orientation and Firm Performance

The primary objective of this thesis is to determine whether firms who have a greater entrepreneurial orientation tend also to be more successful in terms of performance. In particular, I want to answer the following research question: “What is the relationship between the entrepreneurial orientation and the performance of a firm?”. This thesis is the result of a research project conducted on a set of 49 companies in the Consumer Goods sector listed on Borsa Italiana (the Italian Stock Exchange) during the year 2010. Entrepreneurial Orientation and Firm Performance - Giorgio Tomassetti The paper is composed of four parts. In the first chapter I introduce the subject of entrepreneurship. In particular, I describe the main findings and points of view on the topic of corporate entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial orientation. The research background in the first chapter allows the reader to gain a better understanding of the second chapter. Indeed, in the second chapter I describe the tools and the method used in this research project to gather the necessary data. In the third chapter, I explain the analysis I conducted on the information previously collected. Finally, the fourth chapter is about the results of my research. In this part of the paper I conclude that there is a moderate positive correlation between the level of entrepreneurial orientation and a firm’s performance and this result is coherent with previous research in the field of corporate entrepreneurship.

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